Suting Hong

Research Fields

Entrepreneurial Finance, Strategies for Commercializing Technological Innovation, Industrial Organization


Competition in the Venture Capital Market and the Success of Start-up Companies (with Konstantinos Serfes and Veikko Thiele)  ​Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 29(Winter 2020), 741-791. Link to the paper

Dynamic Pricing of Credit Cards and the Effects of Regulation (with Robert M. Hunt and Konstantinos Serfes) Journal of Financial Services Research, Summer 2022. Link to the paper
Cited in the Consumer Credit Card Market Report published by the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau (CFPB) in August 2019

Working Paper

Informational Hold-up by Venture Capital Syndicates (with Pierre Mella-Barral) Download from SSRN

When Do Ventures Founded by Research-oriented Entrepreneurs Outperform? (with Kaihao Guo, Haipeng Zhang & David H. Hsu) Manuscript Available Upon Request

Going Global to Stay Local: The Effect of International Syndication Experience on the Performance of Domestic Venture Capital Investments (with Massimiliano Guerini) Manuscript Available Upon Request

Does winning a venture competition encourage entrepreneurial exploration? Evidence from China (with Guangwei Li, Wangshuai Wang, Zhiqi Zhao) Manuscript Available Upon Request

Graph Neural Network Based VC Investment Success Prediction (with S. Lyu, S. Ling, K. Guo, H. Zhang, K. Zhang, Q. Ke, J. Gu) Download from arXiv

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